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Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome to Level 6 !!

Hi to all,

Welcome to Level 6.   My main objective as facilitator of this course, is to give you new grammar structures at the same time you have a safe BUT FUN environment at class.   I hope you enjoy this course as much as myself.   Please remember that we will have exams on these dates:

1st Midterm - October 8th.
2nd Midterm - October 22nd.
Final Exam - October 29th.

Do NOT miss them!!!   If you do, ONLY for an emergency, you can always take the final exam and replace it's grade for the ONE exam you missed.   Only one exam's grade will be replaced. 

Please, don't forget to write to me to in case you have questions, or need any assistance during the week.

Good luck to all, and enjoy!